About Distinct Realty Design

Distinct Realty Design (DRD) is owned and operated by Barbara Cast and Carol Lynn who specialize in print advertising, graphic design, photos, home tours, virtual assistant, technology services and personal computer training.

Barbara works one on one with many of our clients in the design and marketing of the Real Estate Agent and their listings. Her graphic design abilities bring uniqueness to each and every agent and assure that every listing acheives distinction.

Want to take a vacation...or just need help with clients?

As a licensed Real Estate agent for over 30+ years Carol can help you with buyers and sellers if needed without taking your commission for a reasonable hourly rate. With her skills and knowledge she can help you grow your business.

We truly believe that the Real Estate Agent is the most important person in any Real Estate office and strive to meet all of their needs. We listen to the wants, needs and complaints of agents and brokers who want to improve their business.